Right Where I Want to be…Plus Super Exciting Life Update

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Well, this is the first time I have logged on here in months.  Clearly, a “blogger” I am not.  Although I haven’t written anything in months, I don’t want to give up this space just yet.  I created this in the first place to document what I wanted and to remember my life.  Danny and I do not take enough pictures, and seriously I have taken almost none in the last few months, but remembering this little space exists every once in awhile is a good push to do so.

I feel like life for me has changed A LOT in the last couple months.  I have never felt this way before.  I can’t say I have never experienced this much change before because that is completely untrue, but I think I have never felt so content, happy, and fortunate in my life as I am right now and as I have been for the past few months.

Right where I want to be

My job is definitely not over demanding.  I get to leave at 5pm most days, but at the same time when I get home I want “me” time or “us” time and this is the absolute last thing I think about.  But on the days I have my longer drives to our further campus I take back roads for 33 miles each way and I love that drive.  I have always said commuting is not in my blood, but something about this particular stretch of road just really makes me think and reminisce about life every time I drive it.  Today I decided to get home and write.

Oddly I have also barely read blogs in the past few months.  This is something I have never done so rarely since I started reading.  I still always read certain bloggers no matter what, but even some of my favorites I have skipped posts because I knew I just wasn’t that interested to read about what they were going to talk about.

I have also realized I am long winded about things I really feel confident in and things I really know something about.  Try to get me to send a short email at work!  But talking about myself?  Not so much.  I feel like I lead an average life and I do the same things everyone else does.  Of course I joke all the time I am the most boring person alive, but I just say that out loud to people because, truly, I love my life and I am exactly where I always wanted to be.

I guess this is also stemming from how content and truly absolutely fortunate I have felt lately.  I feel like blessed is the best word here, but only because I am a southern girl.  Am I religious?  No.  Have I ever said blessed before regarding how I feel?  Absolutely not that is weird, but if someone else where to describe how I feel right now…that is the word they would use.

In a short period of time I found out some great news in two aspects: personally and professionally.  Professionally, I received a big promotion.  The opportunities I have been granted at my community college have been absolutely wonderful.  The confidence in my abilities my peers and superiors have in me makes me feel confident and like I really am good at something!  This is an exciting, wonderful, amazing opportunity professionally.

Personally, I have even bigger news!! I know no one but a very, very small handful of people read this that do not know me, but for those of you on the internet that only know me on the internet…I am pregnant and expecting a baby July 30th!  This is the most wonderful news I have to share with everyone around me.  This is something I have always said if I blogged THIS is something I would want to blog about.  I know me and I know I would never write in a journal to remember these moments, and heck most likely not a baby book either because I am lazy like that, but I would like to at least try to do it here!

Part of why I have not put anything together about being pregnant on here is not because I did want to share the news, and honestly, this is just for me because I don’t do a very good job of reaching out to other people on blogs for them to read my page, but because I have felt totally normal!  I have nothing to share and it is the craziest thing ever!

I never expected to feel this way being pregnant.  I guess I watch too much TV?  I have had no morning sickness or nausea.  I have just started to show in the last week and a half and I really haven’t changed anything!  Of course, I am so tired and I am getting acne I have never experienced before, but really I don’t even think about these things because I feel fine otherwise.  I feel fortunate that this is the case.  It has been odd though because other than feeling tired it has been hard to make this seem real!  I didn’t tell anyone at work until 13 weeks and most people at 14 weeks and now ending week 15 everyone still doesn’t know!  My family all knows, but it took me a long time to tell anyone at work.  My stomach is starting to poke out and by boobs are growing a little bit.  We find out the gender in another month.  After telling people at work, the people I see everyday, and actually buying a few things now it is really starting to sink in.

I haven’t felt movement yet.  I am excited because I know it will be soon.  I think then I will feel more of a connection, but for now I still feel like myself otherwise!!  It is so hard to explain.  We definitely planned this little nugget and seeing Danny being excited and talk about baby things has been the best part of the whole experience so far.  Watching him and hearing about how he feels and his dreams for this baby (and really the toys) are what make this the best thing ever.  I know as the baby continues to grow, we prepare its room, I feel it move, and we start to make arraignments it will feel real and I am so very excited to see our lives 6 months from now.  Time has seriously flown since we found out which I never expected it would.  All of these things I listed will be here before I can blink.

For now this is all I have to share.  I have tried very hard to remember to start taking weekly pictures and I kind of am doing okay with remembering so here are some shots so far.  It will be so fun if I stick with it to see the entire progression as I find it so neat and interesting to view this same thing from other people!

4 to 15 week collage

What a WEEK! Poor Penny and Car Issues

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Well I officially had nothing to say for a few weeks, but then life happened and now I have one great story of a 36 hour time frame!  I was off of work for the entire week over Thanksgiving and nothing eventful in the slightest happened.  I like it that way.  I am the most boring person ever and I don’t need life to be super exciting, especially the unexpected.  Maybe it is because I need to know in advance what to expect?

Anyway…this time last year Penny hurt her back and it was traumatizing to me.  I had to take a trip to the emergency vet.  Just four months prior to this incident last December, she had to go to the emergency vet for a case of pancreatitis where she had to stay there overnight.  I woke up one morning last December and Penny would not move at all and just sat in the middle of the hallway shaking in pain.  Danny was still in the military for both of these events so I took her in by myself.  She is the most stoic dog and does not whine, yelp, or wimper when she is in pain so it is very difficult to tell if she is.  Long story short, they are not 100% sure, but she had a possible bulging disk in her back.  She is a dachshund and this is to be expected sometimes and her issue is most likely a genetic defect.  I ended up having to take her to the vet about 3 times and she was on steroids, pain killers, and later, muscle relaxers.  She was also on strict rest in her playpen which turned into about 6 weeks.

Baby Penny

Puppy Penny to make us (me?) happy.  This is also when Ralph started to get fat.  All the rolls!

Well, this past Sunday it was happening again.  I was a wreck thinking about it.  She was not herself and shaking from pain.  Since I knew what was happening and she wasn’t so severe she couldn’t move I didn’t take her to the emergency vet (it is $100 just to walk in the door).  We put her in her playpen and didn’t allow her to do anything on Sunday until we could get her into the vet as soon as possible Monday.  I took her in and they think it is her back again, but possible lower along her spine and not in her neck like last time.  UGH.  She is on the same drug cocktail as last time and on strict rest for at least two weeks.  She is doing ok, but it is hard to tell if it is the pills making her feel better or if she truly isn’t as bad as last time.  I hope it isn’t as bad, and I am suspecting we just caught it much sooner this time.  There were warning signs in hindsight last time that were hard to notice because she ignores the pain and doesn’t let on it is happening.  She has only been on rest for about 5 days and she is already over it.  Thankfully, Ralph is a trooper and actually enjoys being in jail with her!

Poor Penny

That was Sunday, and the vet visit was Monday morning.  Monday night Danny was coming home from school at about 8:30pm and he called me.  As soon as I answered the phone I knew it was bad news.  It was how he said my name!  There was something wrong with his car.  He heard a noise and a lot of lights flash up on his dash.  He decided he would go to AutoZone to see if they could read the codes and see what was wrong with the engine.  By the time we decided he should do that he already got off the highway on our exit to come home, but he could go past the house and to the next exit to get to the AutoZone, so he just kept going down the road instead.  Well, as soon as he turned onto the road he needed with AutoZone a mile away, his car stopped.  Really?  So I put on real pants and grab my keys to go meet him.  He thinks it may be his battery because it was on the decline, but we weren’t convinced since the battery isn’t used while actually driving, but it was dark, cold, and drizzling so I went with it and he wasn’t sure either.  We got a battery, drove back up the road to put it in his car and then noticed the belt for his alternator was the issue!!  The belt had broken.  He somehow made it almost all the way from school to that point on battery power alone pretty much!  Well, with a new battery we were bound to at least get it to a mechanic, right?

We replaced the battery.  Also I need to add there was a church parking lot across from us, which of course the car didn’t make it to a parking lot, but the side of the road, and there was a cop sitting in that parking lot!  He didn’t even check on us.  Danny ran up to him to make sure his car wouldn’t be towed if we left if for a few minutes for a new battery and he asked Danny, “Did you guys just hit each other?”  Clearly, he was paying attention!  By the time we got back with the battery he was gone anyway.

Ok new battery and ready to go.  He got his car turned around and I was going to follow him to a mechanic shop walking distance from our house and he was just going to leave his car there overnight.  I get in my car to follow him and this is where the story just gets so ridiculous it is comical.  MY CAR WOULD NOT START!!!  My car is a 2013.  Danny’s is a 2002.  We don’t expect issues out of mine, but his, yeah.  My battery died.  WTF, right?  It was just working!!  We had to call a friend to come jump my car on the side of the road now because we didn’t want to use Danny’s battery because the alternator belt was broken and wouldn’t be able to recharge his if we needed it (that is how it works, right?).  Well, this is when you realize how few friends you really have.  Good thing we have a couple of good ones though!  We called one who lived the closest, but he was working and the closing manager so he couldn’t come help.  Thankfully his sister was home and could just hop in the car and come meet us to jump me.

My car is now working, we go the two, scary miles with Danny’s car and get it where it needs to be.  We decide to go to Wal-Mart to get me a new battery (AutoZone is closed at this point) because I actually had a battery issue a few months ago (don’t ask, total “woman” thing of me to do ha).  Well…I have a Volkswagon so of course it is not easy to just simply change my battery but you need a long ratchet tool thing.  OK.  We go into Wal-Mart to buy a tool first.  Find something that may work.  It doesn’t and we actually lose one of the ratchet pieces IN MY ENGINE.  I was done at this point.  I said forget it.  We are going home.  If my car does not start in the morning we will start knocking on neighbors doors.  It was like 11pm.  Wayyy past my bedtime haha.

Baby Penny 2

To break up the story, and convince me Penny is just fine.  More cuteness overload.  I just realized this is 6.5 years ago.  HOW??!

This story is still not over!  We call the mechanic at 7am Tuesday when they open and they didn’t have anyone certified to replace a belt there.  Um, ok?  Are you serious?  It was a chain mechanic/ tire place, but I mean, come on!  So we find the next closest place (half a mile from where the car broke down to begin with *rolls eyes*) and they have someone who can fix it.  We have to drive the car again!! AHH.  To save the drama, we got it there, thankfully.  It was like 7:40am at this point and Danny had a project to turn in at 8am at school and a test that day too, I think.  I drive him all the way to school (about 18 miles), drop him off, decide I can’t even deal with my car battery and go to my parents house like 30 miles from the school.  Get there and my dad was like, “you know auto part’s stores will put in your batter for free.”  Really?!  I still stole the tool I needed just in case.  I called him before I drove there, but my mom answered the phone instead.

Needless to say, in a 12 hour timeframe we bought two car batteries.  Mine just so happens to be very expensive too ($170!!).  We had to pay to replace the belt in Danny’s car, thankfully that was all that was wrong, but I think I may need to be a mechanic now after seeing how much they charged in labor, and Penny’s had to go to the vet.  At least Monday was payday?!  Speaking of payday I was definitely late to work both Monday and Tuesday after an entire week off.

This has successfully been the longest post I have ever written because I am a long winded story teller! 😀  Now please enjoy a not so great picture of our first ever Christmas tree together!

First Tree

The Two Week Recap Because I am Probably Lazy!

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So I tell people I am lazy and for some reason they don’t believe me!  Laziness is my only excuse for not writing anything.  That and I just need to be in the mood to do so.  The last few weeks have been pretty routine, but there a few really great highlights I would like to remember.

This is the third Halloween I have lived in our house and the first year I turned off the lights and pretended I was not home.  The second Halloween I was in Wilmington, and this year was the first year Danny would be around for Halloween!  We were so excited to be able to give out candy because there are a lot of kids in our neighborhood.  Well we didn’t give out candy because we got invited to my boss’s house to  make flaming pumpkins!  We left out a bucket of candy (after taking out the good stuff) and of course the trick or treaters took every last piece!

To back it up a bit, we did carve pumpkins the night before Halloween and roast the seeds.

Danny Carving

Danny Carving 2 Danny Carving 3

Danny didn’t really like the pumpkin guts part (really?!) so that was my job.  I carved the little pumpkins in about 5 minutes because I went to town sawing at the pumpkins because I just wanted generic faces because, well, #basic.

Danny followed a template and it turned out so well!


Jump to Halloween night and here was our scene!

Flaming 3

Soooo neat.  My boss’s dad is a chemist so he found fun in the chemicals to make them burn (a.k.a. kerosine).  I think the big one was supposed to try and burn different colors but it didn’t for some reason.  Essentially, the goal was to see whose pumpkin burned for the longest and that is who won!  We brought a pumpkin, but didn’t realize we had to carve it and apparently there is some serious strategy with the carving for the amount of time it burns.  The only thing I got out of it was the ones with the biggest holes burned the longest haha.  Ours was the sad face pumpkin (impromptu carving) and he burned out second. Womp…womp.

Flaming 2 Flaming

Other highlights include my boss coming back from 12 weeks of maternity leave last week!! Ahh.  I learned a lot with her gone, but it is genuinely nice to have her around too.  As her thank you to me (which I totally didn’t need a single thing) was Wicked tickets in NYC!!! WHAT?!?!  I didn’t know how to say thank you enough.  We are going on vacation to NYC mid-December and she wanted to get me something as a thank you.  I feel so guilty because I know they are expensive and honestly I don’t think I have ever bought anyone (including my family) anything that expensive before.  I feel so thankful and humbled by this gracious gift for us to enjoy next month.  It will truly be one of the top highlights of the trip.  Ah…how do I thank her?!


Today I was offered the opportunity to go to the SACSCOC Conference in Houston, TX in literally a few weeks!  SACSCOC stands for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.  Basically, the accrediting agency for most of the accredited schools in the general southeastern part of the country.  The person who was supposed to go no longer works at our college and the option was offered to my boss, but since she is breastfeeding (and honestly doesn’t want to leave the baby, of course!) offered the option to me.  I feel like opportunities like this, if they are offered to you, you cannot turn them down!  I am seriously so fortunate when it comes to the people I work under giving me crazy opportunities at such an early time in my career.  I am still digesting and wrapping my head around this major conference in a few weeks.

Ok I didn’t intend for this to turn into a mushy OMG I am so grateful post, but wow I feel lucky.  Clearly my writing style follows psychologist William James’ stream of consciousness.  Essentially, word vomiting my thoughts as they occur.  They say writing can be therapeutic, right? 😉

Our Weekend: Wise Acres Farm 10.26.15

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I feel like we went from doing nothing the past few weekends to so much the past two.  Does this mean I am juggling life? HA.  Saturday was jammed packed, on the fly, fun.  Once we (I) woke up I suggested we go to a local coffee shop near us.  They are under new ownership and I haven’t been since they reopened.  They now have donuts and apparently waffles!  I got a bacon, egg, and cheese plain bagel with a vanilla latte, and Danny got a waffle and OJ.  They don’t make the bacon, egg, and cheese bagels like the previous ownership (american cheese? why?), but it was still pretty good…minus the cheap cheese!

We took my laptop and did some itinerary planning for an upcoming trip in December!  We booked tickets for our splurge attraction.  We typically do one splurge item on vacation.  From there we talked about another dog, again, and realized we will be out of dog food in about a week so why not go to Petsmart for food, and to look at puppy items!? We looked at all of the halloween dog items, but didn’t buy any new dog costumes.  We did get Penny some halloween hair clips that are super cute, but they don’t clip well so she shakes her head immediately and they fall out…

From there, Old Navy.  40% off the whole store?  Why not!  Once again, that mirror is not as flattering as my own.  I’ll keep telling myself that mine is the right one!  Baggy is in and I like baggy/ loose fitting clothing but it is very difficult to find things flattering for me.  Also, I wear pants and since everything is for leggings, what’s a girl to do?  I picked up a few things, mostly scarves!

My sister’s birthday was this weekend so we met up with her, her boyfriend, and my parents at a Japanese restaurant.  The restaurant was all the way up in uptown Charlotte so it took forever to get there for just a lunch, but it is what she chose.  On the way home I mentioned we should go to a pumpkin patch near our house I found because we have yet to get a pumpkin!  The farm is so close to us and they also grow strawberries so we will definitely be back in the spring!


They didn’t have a ton of pumpkins, but they are a smaller farm.  There were quiet a few people there and when we immediately pulled in there was this huge playground area and I said, “dang it we need kids for this too…”  There are some things we like to do that would seem more normal if we had children, apparently lol.  They charge by the pound so I didn’t want a huge pumpkin like this one.

Danny and pumpkin

For some reason I really like the baby pumpkins and the pumpkins with the longest stems!

Little pumpkinslittle pumpkins 2

When we went into the barn to pay they had slushes I noticed everyone was buying.  They had lemonade, strawberry, and apple cider (it was like 75 degrees).  I got an apple cider and Danny got a strawberry.  Mine was deliciousssss!

Fall Icy Our Pumpkins

They also had a corn maze!  We put the pumpkins in the car and decided, why not?  We have only been to a corn maze once ever before and it was at a more popular pumpkin patch in the area, and that maze really sucked because the corn stalks were so low.  Fun fact: we have only been to a pumpkin patch and corn maze one other time ever and it was exactly five years ago, to the day (10.24.2010).

oct. 24th 2010

Not the most flattering picture, but crazy it was the exact day!

This corn maze, while small, was wayyy better!  The stalks were higher and I really enjoyed it.  Also since we came from lunch and didn’t plan to go to a pumpkin patch, notice the wrong choice in shoes!

Coen Maze Corn Maze 2

Sunday consisted of a bum day to catch up on my shows, clean up the house, and grocery shop.  Today is going to be a crazy day since it is the first day new student registration.  It never ends!